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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goodbye, Uncle Julius!

Learning of Julius Shulman's death last week came as a big shock: I knew his health had been declining in recent weeks; a denied request to visit alerted me to the situation. We had become friends over the past five years; after meeting him at the Eagle Rock Playground in April 2004, I found myself in his studio just a few days later.

Over the years, I returned to the studio many times, bringing along friends and admirers. Each visit offered fresh revelation and insight, a bit of wit and wisdom that would bring perspective, a "teaching moment" from a master teacher. Along the way, I met many of his friends and admirers, many would become my friends too, a bond forged by our mutual admiration; we were all part of his family. He taught me many life lessons, the greatest by example: treating everyone with dignity no matter their station in life. I will greatly miss him!

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