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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Looking for Mr. Parkinson, the "Architect who designed Los Angeles"

I recently received a FACEBOOK post from SCOTT FIELD, Director of the Parkinson Archive in Galveson, Texas; informing me that JEREMY RYAN-AINSLIE, Great Grand Nephew of JOHN PARKINSON, the "Architect who Built Los Angeles" was in town, and working on a documentary film of his famous uncle, and would I like to show him around?

I met Ryan-Ainslie this morning at his downtown hotel. While the GPS system on my Toyota Siena mysteriously decided to stop working, I worried about how we would find our way. Our itinerary took us to the C.E. KUSTOR RESIDENCE in West Adams, an eclectic Victorian/Craftsman/Shingle house designed by Parkinson in about 1911 (and recently purchased by my friends ROB & JENNY WEI); then on to WOODACRES, the Parkinson family home in Santa Monica. We were met at the Parkinson Estate by DRU ALPHSON, (husband Howard was taking a nap). The Alphsons are only the second owners of the fabulous property that the Parkinsons called "home".

After a few precious hours at Woodacres, we traveled across town to FOREST LAWN in Glendale, to visit the PARKINSON crypt in the GREAT MAUSOLEUM; the Master Architect' final resting place.

We topped off the day with margaritas at the LOCKE home in Los Feliz, and after a quick trip to a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces in the neighborhood (the Ennis & Hollyhock Houses), we dropped Jeremy at the HOTEL CECIL in downtown Los Angeles.

We'll meet up again on Sunday at the SALON OF THE SPIRITUALLY CREATIVE LIFE, hosted by Carol & Richard King before dropping Jeremy off at LAX for the return trip to Birmingham (England). It's been a real privelege meeting a special young film maker who has a keen interest in L.A.!

Pictured are (L-R) Photographer Leland Lee, Jeremy Ryan-Ainslie and Architect Dion Neutra at Carol & Richard King's Salon of the Spiritually Creative Life in Pasadena.

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