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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sean Briski Residence II, Sean Briski, Architect 2006

Silver Ridge Avenue has some of the most storied monuments to Modernist architecture to be found in the world, including works by Harwell Hamilton Harris, Rudolph Schindler, J.R. Davidson and Allyn E. Morris. Visiting there recently, I was struck by a number of exciting new architectural projects being infilled in a few of the steep, remaining hillside lots, and some interesting remodels.

A real eye-catcher is this stunning architectural statement at 2358 Silver Ridge. Designed by Sean Briski, Principal of the architectural firm ChromaAD, Briski has created something very special as the accompanying photos will attest.

The exterior of the house is a series of experiments in wall construction that have been organized into a composition. The screen wall at the stair is made up of tire 'alligators' sandwiched between panels of glass. The light-transmitting wall panel in the living room is made with packing peanuts laid between twin wall lexan.

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