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Monday, February 23, 2009

Silver Lake's "Art Cans" Pre-Installation Exhibit at M&A

On Sunday, February 22, 2009, Materials & Applications in Silver Lake hosted a pre-installation exhibition of the "Art-Can Project", sponsored by the Beautification Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. The "Art- Cans" are concrete trash cans that have beautiful mosaic panels designed by local artists.

Artists Julie Bagish, Yuriko Etue and Tabitha Fronk are veterans of the project. Julie's work, "Four Seasons of William Crite" honored Crite, a brilliant artist and fellow art-can contributor. She wrote and read a lovely poem dedicating her work to his memory. The "Path Pals" of the CSSLR (Comittee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs) also contributed an art can "The Reservoir Pathways", working with Bagish. CSSLR veterans Lori Oddino and Carla Lazzareschi were on hand for the ceremony. The can will be installed in front of Monkey House Toys on Silver Lake Blvd.

Artist Yuriko Etue has contributed to the "Art Can Project" in each of its three installations. Her current contribution, "Forever Beginning" is reminiscent of her earlier work. Tabitha Fronk created "Cats & Butterflies- for Lulu", working with Silver Lake Kids and an untitled art can with the help of Calderons Silver Lake Kids. Artist Lorraine Heitzman, a newcomer to the project, worked with Girl Scout Troup 730 and created "It's a Dog's Life". The art can will be installed at Silver Lake Dog Park; the Silver Lake Dog Park Association adopted the can.

I am extremely proud of these art cans! As Founder of the Silver Lake Beautification Committee, I would like to personally thank Noah Stein Project Coordinator and Laura Dwan Project Developer/Coordinator, who have kept the project alive. It takes a huge amount of (volunteer) time to bring such projects to completion.

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