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Friday, March 6, 2009

On the Town with DesignVidal

During the six years Donna Jean and I lived in Silver Lake, we became friends with many of our neighbors, including Guy & Karen Vidal (DesignVidal) and their two beautiful children, Ginger and Levi. The Vidals invited us to attend a reception for Glass Artist Andrew Thompson held at Blackman Cruz in Hollywood on May 5, 2009. We had the privelege of meeting the artist and many of his friends. Thompson has masterfully "altered the perception of glass designed as fine art. His exploration of complex technique incorporated with organic design creates the ultimate synergy", according to Adam Cruz, the gallery's owner.

Located in the old PROBE Night Club (836 N. Highland Avenue in Hollywood, L.A.s equivelant of Studio 54), the Blackman Cruz showrooms are on many levels, and something special to experience. Besides Andrew Thompson's beautiful art glass (on nearly every conceivable surface), there are many fascinating one-of-a-kind collectable objects to enjoy.

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