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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Becker House, Gregory Ain, Architect 1938-40; Barry Milofsky, M2A Architects, Restoration 2003-07

The Becker House marks a divergence of style for Architect Gregory Ain. Instead of the usual right angles, Ain brings a touch of the Streamline Moderne with curved walls along the upper corners and garden walls. The result is not only pleasing to the eye; it demonstrates the architect's detachment from the expression of any particular style.

According to Architect Barry Milofsky, who purchased the house in December 2003, 'the Beckers wanted a 'party house', with access to a roof deck. There was orignially an open patio behind a privacy wall at the street level, and a narrow deck on the east side in back of the garage and at the lower level where the dining room was located. A dumbwaiter was installed to bring food from the kitchen at the lower level. A second owner enclosed the deck behind the garage. The third owners, Roy and Delores Dundas, purchased the house in 1960; althought they would have preferred the mosque-style house next door but couldn't afford the additional $2,000 asking price,' he said.

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