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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Campbell Divertimento Fountain, Luis Barragan & Raúl Ferrera, Architects 1996

The Mayan-inspired Campbell Divertimento Fountain was designed by Luis Barragán, regarded as Mexico's greatest architect and his partner Raúl Ferrera. Although Barragan's participation in the project has been questioned, the names Barragán and Ferrera are clearly stamped on the blueprints dated 1987. (Reportedly only Ferrara signed them, however that was common practice for the period). The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission recognized the fountain as "a signature project of Barragán, an architect of international fame and an architect of great importance to contemporary Mexican culture."

I had the pleasure of visiting the fountain in May 2008, thanks to an invitation from Architectural Designer Tim Campbell who had just completed restoration of the home.

The Fountain is located within a private residence at 1150 Brooklawn Drive. Declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1997 (No. 637).

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