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Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Baptist Church- Allison & Allison, Architects 1927

Founded in 1884, the First Baptist Church of Los Angeles moved to its present location (the original church was located at 6th and Broadway) in 1927. The church is ornate by Baptist standards: the church's rose windows are adapted from the Chartres Cathedral; the coffered, gold-leaf ceiling is modeled after the chapel in the Ducal Palace in Montava, Italy. The 130-room edifice is dominated by the 155-foot Crowell Bell Tower, named after Weymouth Crowell, an imporant patron of the church.

Many important Angelinos have played a part in the history of the church. Landowner Isaac Lankershim was a trustee of the original congregation as well as his son-in-law. hotel owner and developer Isaac Newton Van Nuys.

The First Baptist Church of Los Angeles is located at 760 Westmoreland Avenue. It was declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (No. 237) in 1981.

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